Daniel Jutras

Daniel Jutras Ph.D. is the founder of the Institute. Ph.D. in Education (Ottawa 1979), he has
received his Montessori Diploma (3-6+) from AMI from Perugia, Italy, (1987) (his trainer was the

late Antonietta Paolini who worked with Dr. Maria Montessori for more than 22 years as her
special assistant) and his Elementary (6 to 12) from Montessori St.Nicholas Centre in England.
Since 1989, he has prepared thousands of Montessori Teacher Candidates, tutored Montessori
Teacher Education Diploma Courses in Europe, Africa, Asia and North America. In Calgary, he
just continues to shares the heritage he has received.

The “Enigmatic” Teacher guide.

If we can portrait the Montessori child as "special" we can certainly explore the nature of the
Montessori teacher guide as special, enigmatic, mysterious, paradoxal,  special, controversial,..
We will explore who we are or shall be: multi-task, busy but not tired, calm and cool, seemingly
invisible, measurer of the necessary help, resistant to unnecessary help…
"When the moon is not full, the stars shine more brightly" (Bugandan Proverb).

This is who we are. Let's fill our heart and mind and leave with renewed motivation and
nourishment for our Montessori soul!

Break out #1
The Unveiled Power of the Simple Colored Beads
Come and experiment creative ways to do the Snake Game, to build classic geometric shapes
and, to master the mathematical concepts of commutativity, associativity and
dissociativity. You can then successfully incorporate these activities into your classroom.
Break out #2
Music and Movement + Folk Dances for Children

Yes, you have " Dancing feet"! You could not go wrong with exploring these pleasant, rhythmic
activities and folk dances for children compiled from many countries of the world. Come and
give it a go. Have fun!  Our goal is to help you import them in to your own classrooms. To help
you along, the music and video recordings of the dances will be made available on a USB key on
site for purchase.