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Tajali Tolan

Teaching Empathy To Children.  Understanding Feelings and Needs.

Learning to recognize, understand, manage and express emotions is seen as key to success in learning as well as building healthy relationships with self, others and caring for the earth.  The cognitive aspect of empathy is perspective taking and the affective aspect is emotion. Empathy educates both the mind and the heart.

In this workshop participants will learn the foundations of Empathy and Compassion and gain tools to teach emotional literacy to children from birth through adult.  Feelings and Needs Coloring books will be showcased as a central teaching tool of Empathy.

“The study of love and its utilization will lead us to the source from which it springs, The Child.” ~Maria Montessori


Practicing Peace and Embodied Presence. 

At the base of M. Montessori education of children is the practice of Peace.  In this workshop you will learn mindfulness and awareness activities that cultivate peace and serenity in your classroom.  Equal to cultivating peace, our classroom is cultivating mindfulness and peace within oneself.   A teacher who guides with a calming presences magnifies peace within.  Teachers and support staff will learn the science and practices of mindfulness as a personal practice and well as tools to implement mindfulness into your classroom.  Experiential workshop including songs, movement and silence.