Claudia Mann


Montessori education professes to be “education for life.” In my case, I know this to be true. Montessori education
has been the focus of my career and my life for more than 35 years. First as a parent, then in a variety of teaching
roles which includes certification at three levels, and as a teacher trainer and school founder. I have explored
nearly every aspect of what it means to follow the Montessori path in living a life full of self-reflection, personal
growth, and joyful anticipation of the opportunity that lies around the corner. With my current
work,, I share these gifts of the Montessori journey as a mentor to educators,
administrators, and parents around the world.

My Montessori teaching took me to schools in eight cities over five states. It’s curriculum introduced me to the
wonders of nature that inspired a business,, where my husband and I offer curriculum
support materials for the study of Earth Science and History. Our Montessori-inspired businesses have taken us to
Iceland, France and Morocco, as well as countless locations in North America to experience first-hand the
miraculous transformations of our planet through time.

All this because Montessori inspired a passion for discovery and wonder that hasn’t left me…even after nearly four