Creative Childcare

Creative Childcare Consulting is committed to credibility, integrity, honesty and flexibility and
the provision of high energy, creative, innovative adult learning and client-driven-services that
recognize individual needs.

Our mission is to promote and provide supports, professional development, networking
opportunities and resources to the Early Learning and Out-of-School care community.

Break out #1
Sensory Fun: Get Out the Goop
Sensory activities provide children with a meaningful avenue for learning. Sensory tables or
tubs rotated regularly with wondrous sensory materials are worthwhile investments for hours
of learning, exploring, and fun. Because children learn best by having "hands on" experiences
with materials, providing an environment rich in sensory experiences is vital to children's
learning and development.
This hands-on interactive workshop will explore why sensory play is important for children.
Facilitators will introduce participants to lots of fun and stimulating activities to enhance
sensory experiences in early learning environments.

Break out #2
Getting Back to Nature: Nature Art
Everything around us is connected to nature. Nature inspires, refreshes, and nurtures us. When
experiences with nature are embedded in the early learning curriculum and daily routines,
children benefit physically, emotionally, and intellectually as they have new experiences,
exercise their bodies, and enjoy the feeling of freedom that comes from being connected to the
natural world.
This interactive workshop explores the many benefits of incorporating nature into art activities.
It engages participants in take away, hands on exploration with nature art activities they can
immediately implement in their classrooms.