Cynthia Reimer

My name is Cynthia Reimer and I currently reside in Saskatoon Sk. Although Saskatoon is my home, I did spend 10 years in Georgia, where I became a mother to one son. While in Georgia I worked as a Guide in a CASA program and then later did my Lower Elementary Certification and spent time as a Guide with the 6-9-year-olds. I moved back home to Saskatoon to raise my son with the support of my family. I have been working in a Montessori classroom for 18 years and as an educator for 24 years.  Most recently I’ve completed my Upper Elementary training through the Michigan Montessori Teacher Education Center, just outside of Detroit Michigan.

I look forward to being a part of the Children Change the World Conference 2023 and sharing some Indigenous learning I have experienced over the last 10 years while back in Saskatoon.




Indigenizing the Montessori Classroom

  • With the new Truth and Reconciliation initiative we are called to respond to the 94 Calls of Action which includes the implementation of Indigenous content to provincial curriculums as well as private education curriculums. This workshop will provide you with different ways to include Indigenous content to all academic areas of the Montessori classroom. When developing these ideas for the Montessori curriculum I spent many hours consulting with a young woman who identifies as Cree and Metis, Jocelyne Chief. When developing ideas for the classroom, it is important to work with someone of Indigenous ancestry to ensure their teachings are presented correctly. And taking note that all perspectives of First Nations people are not the same. Come learn with me as we explore different avenues of Indigenous Peoples of Canada.

The Metis Flower Beadwork

  • The Metis Flower Beadwork workshop offers a hands-on learning experience. We will visit the ideas of European influence on the Metis People of Canada. A well-known art form of the Metis People is their popular flower beadwork. A short presentation of the beadwork of the Metis will be given and a tutorial on how to create your own floral pattern. Materials will be provided for you to create a beaded floral piece. Although there may not be time to complete your project, the hope is to bring this teaching back to your classroom.