Daniel Jutras

Daniel Jutras Ph.D is the founder and Director of the Canadian Montessori Teacher Education Institute.
Ph.D. in Education (Ottawa 1979), he has received his Montessori Diploma (3 – 6+) from AMI from
Perugia, Italy, (1987) (his trainer was the late Antonietta Paolini who worked with Dr. Maria Montessori
for more than 22 years as her special assistant) and his Elementary (6-12) from Montessori St. Nicholas
Centre in England. Since 1989, he has prepared thousands of Montessori Teacher Candidates, tutored
Montessori Teacher Education Diploma Courses in Europe, Africa, Asia and North America. In Calgary,
the intention is to share my experience and the Montessori heritage I have received.


Montessori can be summed up just in a few words.
It is a philosophy on education and child development that runs deep. It is a way of seeing the world. Which language do we currently use to describe the one who is called the Montessori guide? Let’s explore together who is behind the one who is planting the seeds, the ”waiter’‘ and the waiter as well.