Dr. Glenn Zederayko

Attracting, developing and retaining great faculty and staff as a preferred employer​​​

In this interactive session participants will be provided with new ideas regarding how best to engage faculty and staff. There will be opportunity to discuss ideas and experiences. Ultimately the goal will be to assist each participant to begin to create an outline of a 2-3 year plan for achieving goals in this area as they apply to individual schools.

Planning long term to enhance enrolment and retention

Participants will be provided with an overview of ideas that may enhance new enrollment and retention of current families. There will be opportunity to share ideas as well. The main goal is to support each participant to begin to create a framework that will guide intentional development in areas key to their school’s success that will support them to realize improvements in both areas over the next 3-5 years.

Dr. Glenn Zederayko is currently enjoying his first year as Head of School at Glenlyon Norfolk School in Victoria. GNS is an IB Continuum school that delivers a seamless PYP, MYP and DP experience from JK to grade 12. Dr. Zederayko has earned Bachelor’s degrees in Microbiology and Education, and a Master’s and Doctorate (Ed. D) in Educational Leadership. In his 29th year in education and 19th year as a Head of School, he has served in five independent schools and three provinces (Alberta, British Columbia, and Ontario). Dr. Zederayko keenly supports the ongoing development of strong independent schools across Canada. He has served as the Chair of the Governance Committee of the Conference of Independent Schools of Ontario and been a Visiting Committee member for 9 Canadian Accredited Independent Schools (CAIS) accreditation teams at independent schools across Canada. He has just completed a four year term as the Chair of the Board of the Canadian Council of Montessori Administrators, which works to accredit, promote and support Montessori schools. Dr. Zederayko is keenly interested in how schools can do their very best to attract and retain fantastic students, faculty and staff. Ultimately, Dr. Zederayko goes to work each day because he believes that in a caring, close-knit school community with highly effective teachers and engaged and committed parents students will develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to define and achieve successful and happy lives for themselves and routinely make many positive differences in the world. He truly believes that teaching and educational leadership are enormously rewarding activities.  

Working Together for Montessori

I invite you to join me to develop a shared understanding of how each of us may further parents’ understandings and desires for Montessori across Canada. In nearly eight years as the Head of TMS, a school with a 54 year history and nearly 600 students in a Montessori program from 18 months to grade 6, and as a board member of CCMA for six years, I have been blessed with many opportunities to talk to many passionate and committed Montessori educators who share a vision that one day Montessori will be widely in demand as the desired educational method.

I hope that you will assist the group in considering how to create a future where parents across Canada are so well informed and so positively predisposed to the many of benefits of Montessori education that they are unfailing in seeking the experience for their children and recommending it to others. As a step on this path, I look forward to engaging you in a lively brainstorm regarding two things:

What the impediments to this vision may be.
How everyone who is part of the Montessori Children Change the World Conference may leave our time together better able to contribute to moving this vision to a reality.

Please join me!