Jenna Mazzei


Jenna is an AMS certified Montessori Teacher and mother dedicated to educating today’s parents and caregivers on the Montessori Philosophy and why it is so important to follow a child’s natural development from the beginning. She teaches the Montessori method with a modern approach that allows it to fit into every lifestyle and helps children discover their full potential.

Jenna has created a Montessori enterprise by running her preschool, creating quality early childhood products, designing playrooms and classrooms, and teaching educational seminars and workshops.


Jenna Mazzei – Evolve Montessori

Sensory Bins the Montessori Way

Sensory bins are a fantastic (and popular) way to engage children, but how do they fit into the Montessori Philosophy? In my workshop, Sensory Bins the Montessori Way, I dive into why purposeful Montessori sensory bins are the perfect way to help build those essential early childhood development skills and are the ideal addition to every Practical Life curriculum. Join me in my hands-on workshop to learn the secrets to making a purposeful Montessori sensory bin that engages your students and utilizes developmentally appropriate sensory experiences to cultivate curiosity, problem-solving skills, and physical ability.

Following the educational presentation portion of the workshop, you will work together to create your own Montessori Sensory Bin, with the professional guidance and assistance of Jenna, to create a truly purposeful and engaging sensory activity to bring home.