Lori Karmazin

Lori Karmazin is nationally known and respected for her expertise, she is a frequent guest at
conferences and workshops nationwide.
Lori Karmazin has been a 3-6 Montessori Guide since 1990. Her love of math led to the creation
of her business, Great Extensions, which has served the Montessori community since 1994. Lori
is the Associate Director the Early Childhood Program and a teacher trainer for the Centre for
Guided Montessori Studies.

Break out #1

The Art of Developing Thematic Unit Studies to Support the Cosmic and Cultural Areas of the 3-6 Classroom

Bringing the Cosmic Curriculum to life in the 3-6 classroom presents opportunities to foster the innate sense of wonder and awe in the young child.ย  Discover how to use topics from the Cosmic area to generate interest in all areas of the classroom.ย  This workshop will walk you through conception of the thematic unit topic to creating the lessons that will weave the topic throughout all curriculum areas.

Break out #2

Expanding Writing Opportunities with the Movable Alphabet and Beyond

Writing in the Montessori classroom begins long before a child holds a pencil, thanks to the Movable Alphabet.ย  Discover ways to move beyond the basic use of the movable alphabet to โ€œwriteโ€ simple phonetic words based on objects or pictures and bring a greater comfort and interest to the use of the movable alphabet for inventive spelling.ย