Madhura Joshi


I am a passionate and soul-inspired coach, speaker and author who has made it my mission to show people, just how easy it can be, to identify their natural talents, ignite their inner potential and step into their power, so they can start living the life they were destined for.

I utilize a holistic, growth centered approach to life, my business and with my clients. I maximize the capacity for individual transformation, by teaching solopreneurs how to expand their mindset, breakthrough limiting beliefs, and overcome fears in order to create success in all aspects of their lives.

I have written a very powerful book, with a simple yet profound message: It is easier than you think, to live the life of your dreams!

Unleash the Goddess within- Empower yourself so you can empower future generations.

Ladies this is your year! This is finally your time to tap into your Inner Goddess and unleash her into the world. As women, we put ourselves last on the list as we try to impact the lives of others. What we don’t realize is that if we do not tune into our guidance system and fill up our cup we cannot give to others or create the impact we desire deep within our souls. Our purpose is so deep and meaningful, but without us, none of it can be accomplished.

So, during this workshop, you will learn how to unleash your Inner Goddess so that you no longer feel unworthy, powerless or less than doing the most important work you can ever do.