Martha Carver


Make an Independence Guide

Have your staff organically collaborate and create your schools Independence Guide for sharing at Parent Teacher Conferences and Parent Education Nights. This document is essential to promote independence in children of all ages and to be used as a spring board for discussion and application at home.

Session – Suitable for Leadership and teachers


Discover your sense of Wonder in Nature

This session will celebrate the natural world and how to explore nature with children. We will learn about the Children and Nature Movements, Global initiatives to connect children and families with the outdoors and materials that can compliment these efforts in a Montessori setting. We will explore Naturalist in a Box, Micro Biome and many materials that are wonderful extensions for all age levels in the Montessori environment.

Session – Suitable for all age levels, teachers and administrators


Adding Movement to Cultural Studies – Cultural games, First Nation Replica Historic Games and Ethnic Games.

Exploring cultural games and dances add movement to this area of study and promotes pride and understanding. We will explore 4 types of Native American First Nation Historic Replica games and other Ethnic Games.

Session – Suitable for Kindergarten and Elementary age teachers.