Mary Flewelling-Pinchen


Mary is a long-time Montessori educator, author, lecturer and consultant. She earned her A.M.I.
primary diploma under the direction of Renilde Montessori in 1984. During her long teaching career,
Mary had the privilege of guiding hundreds of young children at various Montessori schools in south-
western Ontario.  Between 2006–2013 Mary, acted as the Programme Director for the Canadian
Association of Montessori Teachers.  Other highlights in her career include attending two A.M.I.
congresses, establishing a new Montessori primary classroom in Chengdu, China and training
prospective teachers in Vietnam and the Philippines.   Mary has also provided many educational
seminars at schools and conferences across Canada.
Mary recently retired from her classroom work and now devotes her time to writing, lecturing and
mentoring. She is the author of “At Home in the Montessori Children’s House”. – volume 1 & 2. A
third volume is currently underway. As the founder of Montessori Casaworks, Mary supports
educators, parents and the Montessori community at large in their transformative work with children.