Naomi Faroogh

Naomi holds a Bachelor of Applied Sciences Degree in Early Childhood from the University of
Guelph. She is a MACTE accredited Montessori Directress (2.5-6yrs) from the CMTEI Institute as
well as an RECE (0-12yrs). Naomi has presented workshops to Early Intervention Professionals
on the benefit of Montessori education for children with special needs. She has worked with
children and adults with special needs of all ages both professionally and through volunteerism.
Naomi has a passion to see each unique child reach their full potential using the holistic
approach of the Montessori philosophy.

Break out #1
Discipline Techniques
Ever feel at your wits end? You’re not alone! Come and learn the reason behind the behavior.
This interactive session, through role-play, will have you re-thinking how you approach
discipline and challenging behaviors in the classroom. Let’s brainstorm together!

Break out #2
Inclusive Classrooms
Children with special needs belong in Montessori Environments. They are best designed to
meet the needs of each individual child. Let’s get back to Montessori’s roots, and see how our
beautiful classrooms, peaceful environment and concrete materials can continue to meet the
needs of every child today.