Sherin Alibhai

Founder and president of Montessori Professional Training Canada. She began her career in Montessori Early Childhood which she recognizes as ‘her calling’ at the young age of 20.

After graduating with an M.A. in Education, her thirst for enhancement led her to become a Montessori Trainer and now after 35 years of experience with children and 20 years with adults, Sherin came to the realization it all begins with ‘Self Development’.

Her courses in Emotional Awareness and Leadership Mindset flow right into the Montessori philosophy of Peace Education and the Spiritual Development of the teacher and child. Within a short span of time, experience Sherin’s passion and ignite your flame for inner peace and balance by joining one of her workshops. Allow Sherin to explore your higher potential!

 “I am just happy and excited to be learning something new to support the children in my                                                                                                                         Testimonial: Lindsey Goddard